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Malala Yousafzai is the name of a brave girl, who belongs to Pakistan. She is on the go in female education and her motive is to strengthen the females around the world. Her goal is to create the awareness among the girls, who are not receiving education and enter those girls in a school. Malala is the youngest noble prize laureate, in the age of just 17 she won this title.


In 2013, she established Malala Fund with the support of her father and basic purpose was to establish this is to empower the young women and create awareness about the education. She used her noble prize money in building new schools for girls in Pakistan. Now she is 19 year old but still Malala continues her goal to advocate girls’ education and empowerment.

In current interview with USA media house, she showed the interest in Pakistani politics and want to become Prime Minister of Pakistan and serve her country. According to her, she said that after surviving the murder attempt on her, it had become the motto of her life now to do something special for the country.