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JOHN WICK Director: Chad Stahelski
Writers: Derek Kolstad
Actors: Keanu Reeves, Common, Riccardo Scamarcio, Laurence Fishburne, Ruby Rose, Bridget Moynahan, Lance Roddick, Franco Nero, John Leguizamo, Ian McShane
Genre: Thriller, Action, and Adventure
Studio: Summit Entertainment

Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)


John Wick: Chapter 2 is an upcoming American action thriller movie directed by Chad Stahelski plus written by Derek Kolstad. It is a series to the 2014 movie John Wick. The movie stars Keanu Reeves, Common, Laurence Fishburne, Riccardo Scamarcio, Ruby Rose, John Leguizamo, and Ian McShane. key photography began on October 26, 2015, in New York City and the movie is set to be released on February 10, 2017.

In February 2015, directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch announce that a John Wick sequel was currently in progress. The same month, CEO of Lionsgate Jon Feltheimer made a statement during a conference call, stating “We see John Wick as a multiple-title action franchise”. Additionally, it was reported that Kolstad will return to write the screenplay. In May 2015, it was confirmed that the sequel was greenlit and Lionsgate would be selling the film at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. It was announced that Keanu Reeves, Leitch, and Stahelski would return to the film with filming set to begin in late 2015.In October 2015, Common joined the film to play the head of security for a female crime lord, and Ian McShane was confirmed to return as Winston, the owner of the Continental Hotel.In November 2015, Bridget Moynahan, John Leguizamo, Thomas Sadoski, and Lance Reddick were confirmed to return, while Ruby Rose, Riccardo Scamarcio, and Peter Stormare were added to the cast. In December 2015, it was announced that Laurence Fishburne would appear in a cameo role.

key photography on the film began on October 26, 2015, in New York City. At the end of the first week, filming had taken place in Manhattan. Filming moved to Italy next and later resumed in Montreal, Canada on October 27, 2016. Scenes were shot in the downtown area and at the MELS Studios. Montreal serves as a setting for scenes that take place in Moscow in the movie.

In this next chapter following the 2014 hit, legendary hitman John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is forced back out of retirement by a former associate plotting to seize control of a shadowy international assassins’ guild. Bound by a blood oath to help him, John travels to Rome, where he squares off against some of the world’s deadliest killers.

John Wick Chapter 2 is scheduled to be released on February 10, 2017, by Summit Entertainment.