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The innovation and commercialization changes the world throughout, day by day new innovations are making our life easier. Today, entertainment exploration brings you a complete analysis of iKEYBO. What is iKEYBO? How is it Work? What’s are the feature of this new invention? Let’s discuss it briefly.

The most compact virtual laser projection keyboard and piano in the world is known as IKEYBO where in just a seconds, you can turn any flat surface (Table, Floor, Bed, Chair etc) into your keyboard or piano. It is great invention, where you don’t need to connect with wires, you can easily connects via Bluetooth and USB with your smart phones, E-pads, Mac, PC and tablets as well as you can effectively and efficiently communicate.

Let it differentiate with others laser projection keyboard?

The focal difference between laser projection keyboard and iKEYBO is following;

The normal laser projection keyboard use camera sensor, whereas iKEYBO use double liner sensors which help in faster calculation speed and consume less energy. This technique has already been patented by the United States, Japan, Taiwan, China, and other countries.

Followings are the features of iKEYBOARD,


The compact size virtual laser projection key board is super lightweight for everyday carry. It is tinny powerful device. You can easily carry into your pocket.

  • MULTIPLE LANGUAGES LAYOUTS OF iKEYBO Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard:

It’s hurting to type on the wrong keyboard layout if you know multiple languages. iKEYBO provide you different languages layout which will help you in making your life easier. It is the keyboard where you can use four different languages layouts which includes English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese.


  • Great experience of virtual studio with several music instruments:

It allows you to make your own music instantly with music APP, which is already built-in. On the road or studio, with friends or family you can play different musical instruments like piano, guitar, bass or drums and make your days more memorable.

Great experience of virtual studio with several music instruments


iKeybo comes with 2000mAh lithium-Ion battery which will enable you to type continuously for 10 hours. It also has smart energy-saving modes to save power and enable a quicker return to active mode. When not in use, you can use iKeybo as an external battery charger to power up your smartphones and tablets. Moreover, it’s layout of laser projection keyboards are in square shape keys with no space in between, so easy to mistype unwanted keystrokes.



It will serves as your smart phone stand. It will help you to turn your mobile phone into a computer within seconds. This feature is pretty handy when you are recording videos or live streaming.


With iKeybo APP, you can adjust the brightness of keyboard and learn the current battery level. iKeybo also has Software Development Kit (SDK) Support for iOS & Android Apps. Simply instal Serafim iKeybo framework to developers App. You can then interact your App through iKeybo and unleash yourself from 5” screen to 12” surface.