Throwing out his hat and then jumping on it is an interesting gameplay device. None of the worlds here looked tight and linear like the regent 3D Marios, the openness of everything looks like a throwback to Sunshine. This all shows Super Mario the well know game now presenting Super Mario odyssey. A new gaming experience to his customer. Many of Nintendo customer are unhappy with that because they don’t want they follow sonic games type

 Nintendo Switch In Super Mario Odyssey

We all like the varied settings, but We don’t think the graphical style works as well with the fidelity as it did in previous Mario games. Especially the forest setting looks a tad too realistically textured to be as lo-fi as it is. That’s all nitpicking, though; by and large, it still looks great.

Here is tweet Which shows the interest of Reggie Fils-Aime, president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America

A trailer released by Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey