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After spending the past few months playing one incredibly immature businessman, Alec Baldwin will be lending his voice to another in The Boss Baby. It’s an entire movie built around the oft-repeated joke that babies are the real bosses in the household, running their parents ragged with their ever-changing whims. In this film, though, the only one who can see the baby for what he really is is his older brother, who seems to resent this newcomer for sucking up all the attention in the household. Watch The Boss Baby trailer below. 

The Boss Baby Trailer

As it turns out, the boss baby isn’t just barking orders into his phone for the sake of it. It’s all part of some giant plot to… rid the world of puppies, or something. Apparently, the baby thinks there’s not enough love to go around, and that puppies are taking up too much of the affection from adults.

I suppose any movie that’s got Alec Baldwin playing a businessman (even a pint-sized one) will have trouble resisting the temptation to reference Glengarry Glen Ross, but the “cookies are for closers” line isn’t doing anything to battle the perception that some of the jokes in this are kind of stale.