An American Base cloth manufacturer, designer, distributor, marketer, and retailer Which have Headquarters in Los Angles and 110 U.S Stores all around USA  American Apparel will be Closing all of it’s 110 Local retailer stores, along with its distribution center in La Mirada, California and production facilities in Garden Grove and South Gate. Recently American Apparel was purchased by Canadain company named Canada’s Gildan Activewear. Gildan is ready to pay $88 million to buy American Apparel’s intellectual capital and some of it production equipment.American Apparel Shutdown

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American Apparel’s 110 U.S. stores had no interest, and opted not to assume leases on its distribution center in La Mirada and production facilities in Garden Grove and South Gate, Gildan spokesman Garry Bell said. Employees at those manufacturing facilities and the firm’s downtown L.A. headquarters — more than 3,400 in total — could be out of work within days.

The brand rose to immense reputation during the mid-2000s with his series of upscale (still available) basics and challenging images, has struggled in current years to stay afloat, have filed for bankruptcy twice in a term of two years. And despite the appearance of a new CEO in 2014 (who left the company in September last year), it was not enough to continuously once behind sales, shutting shop and lingering bad PR surrounding charge of sexual harassment against founder Dov Charney. unless Gildan spokesman, Gary Bell told the Los Angeles Times, “It was always about buying assets from bankruptcy. The fact is not a purchase of an ongoing concern.”